This is the total package : a vox ac50 piggyback amp, complete with its original cabinet...which is way rarer than the amp head itself!
 I don't know why, VOX cabinets simply vanished from earth surface at one point and never surfaced again.
However, luckily this wonderful amp came complete to me ... It's HUGE : the cabinet is like 50% bigger than a VOX AC30, and fear not the AC50 high power ....so loud this set up could easily compete with its contemporary beige tolex showman piggyback and in a extremely classy attire. You can have tea on it with some Brit baronets with no etiquette fault.

A J.M.I. grey face panel compliment, with its ultra-cool fuse protector. Two separate channels ---normal and brilliant--- with independent tone controls...meant to be used by a bass player and a guitar player at the same time. We had to share amps in the old days....they were SO expensive...The speaker connection deck is a view to behold, while you must excuse the clashing modern AC plug.

The speakers compliment : two 12' goodmans and a midax horn....they are in perfect shape, nevertheless the extreme loudness of the amp...the horn is not a tone problem as you hardly notice its voice, making this a GREAT guitar cabinet. The only thing I would love to find is the chrome stand....but I 'm working on it....Those chrome stands are so cool...they remind me the shiny black mini cars driven by beautiful ladies of my teen age...ah, memories...

Here is a nice complement for the AC50 : a vintage VOX HARLEM guitar !
Made in Italy and quite similar to an EKO cobra, this guitar has a cool special headstock design and VOX engraved tuners.
But there is more :

Yes , sir : a scalopped neck !! and only on treble side please !
Just when you tought something is new, it has already been done before.
Kudos to the old VOX company for so many inventive risks.