World First all tube all battery overdrive BOX


The handmade Tube TUBEBLOWER is a pure tube overdrive device.
To give further hints, my tube tubeblower needs two good minutes to warm up exactly like a pure tube amp.
You can hear its tone building as the heaters come to nominal.
And unlike most 'tube' pedals , the TUBEBLOWER is feeded by two 9v batteries and nothing else.
How is this possible ?

Let's face it : a 12AX7/ECC83 usual compliment of tube pedals needs 250 volts on the data sheet ,
and 300 volts in certain amps, which includes our beloved Marshall.
So what can we do at much lower voltage applications, such as battery stompboxes ?
Well, I have looked back in tech history and found that autoradio constructors had the same problem in the past to feed their all-tubes car radios . All they had was the 12 volts car battery , shared by all the car vital electric appliances. So low voltage and no possiblity to draw high amperage. In this view , they developped a special double-triode, just as our modern 12AX7, but with the most frugal needs you could imagine.
No need to go further ,you have understood this is what I put in my Tube TUBEBLOWER.

For this pedal, I of course received the help of my tube master Yoda, who else ?

With the TUBE TUBEBLOWER, you can expect having another high-gain preamp stage in your amp.
Therefore the tone is very dependant on the amp you plug it in.
So, please reserve this uncanny pedal to a good amp .
You will then enjoy perfect natural overdrive, from cristal clear steroid clean tone to fire-breathing distortion,
all this in a perfectly quiet operation due to the use of batteries only.


Of course, while frugal, the car tube eats more than a pair of  silicium transistors.
This is why I have divided the work between 2 alcaline 9v batteries.
The one inside is the lazy one, and will not need to be changed often.
The outside battery , lodged in the black plastic battery case , takes the biggest burden, and thus will need to be changed more often.
The testing so far is very positive, as the prototype still have both his original batteries, even after full demoing and trial at the Milano SHG 2004 fair in Italy, and still performs at 100%.

These car tubes are no longer made.
Don't worry about the one in your Tube TUBEBLOWER, they will last several life times.
But I canot build more Tube TUBEBLOWER than the tubes I can find.