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There has been some misunderstanding about my ts-9 appreciation in the Ibanez page : I love the ts9 , own 8 of them , with one in my everyday pedalboard. The point is that the ts9 is not a beginner pedal. Remember what it is said on the ts808 : 'overdrive pro' .These pedals were made for working and experienced electric guitarist , playing loud on stage with big transistors amps or equally big harsh tube amps.



















Jacques' ts9 cross-checked serial number and op-amp reference













I do not think it has been made before on the net but my purpose is to compare serial numbers , which can give age I assume , and op-amp type , which are supposed to give tone (we will discuss about it later).
First point , see on the picture what I call 'black back' and 'white back'. Black seems to be the oldest.This stated , let us proceed to the reference themselves:













BACK                      serial N°                             OP-AMP
BLACK                    110951                                JRC2043
BLACK                    150402                                JRC2043
BLACK                    155149                                JRC2043
BLACK                    181021                                JRC2043
WHITE                    182740                                TA75558
WHITE                    210666                                TA75558
WHITE                    279246                                JRC4558
WHITE                    292903                                JRC4558
WHITE                    344320                                JRC4558
WHITE                    365366                                TA75558
WHITE                    395856                                TA75558






























Jacques' comments : (feel free to feedback  jacques@ts808.com )
First I assume that serial numbers are chronological and it could be all wrong.
1-All the first ts9 had JRC2043 and not 4558. This is strange because ts808 used only JRC4558 and they are supposed to sound the best.
2-There is 2 kind of capacitors: green or yellow. JRC chips come with green caps and TA chips come either with green or yellow caps.













Readers comments :( 3rd batch Feb.2001)
-Reissue seems to bear 0xxxxx numbers with white back.
NEW : It seems that the very last ts9 made went back to the TA75558 chip, as you can see in my completed list. I can guess the turning point was around #350000 .
So, if you own such a ts9, please feedback your op amp kind to me!
This will made the acclaimed 4558 ts9 rarer than I thought.












I hope that this list will be of interest on the net and that you will soon feedback , disagree or agree , give me some more serial-numbers-chips correspondence and continue research on the ts9.

Others will want more eagerly to own a ts-9 or a ts-808. Hard isn't it.

I suggest you go to my new overdrive pedal page, The OVERTUBE, and give this new exciting rising star a try before spending the family monthly grocery money to buy a vintage beauty.

My favorite ts9? It is the older one which has not the hip chip.
What I like in this pedal is that I have the illusion to hear its sound combined with the clean guitar sound.
Maybe I should quit Russian Vodka.





















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