Marshall Mad !!!


The SupaFuzz , model 1975 is a wonderful fuzz pedal introduced by Mister Jim in 1967. This means that you had nearly a year to practice before Woodstock . At the nice retail price of 13 pounds 12 shillings and 6 pence (hey, this reminds me my first school holidays in London, night at the Cave in Piccadilly , and that monetary non-sense ) ,  you could buy one of my favorite pedal. Now, like true hippie survivors , they are hard to find.

I own two of that ladies. The different switches could be a small detail. But it is not . There are truly two kinds.

The older version is the one on the right , brown Bakelite .
And here is the nicest part, I would make it a quiz :
These strange black suppository transistors were made by :
A- Mullard
B- Mulan
C- Jimmy Hendrix
If you answered B , you are too young. You think Keith Richards is a pokemon. And that Ron Wood is his evolution.
Come on ! Do you realize that these pedals were fueled by MULLARD germanium transistors !!! No wonder they sound so good.
On the later version , one of the OC75 Mullard was replaced by a then common AC126 , close cousin of the AC128 I used in
my pedals.

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 Jacques Historic Collection Supa Fuzz reproduction 
Time correct components , transistors and circuit .

All components have been tested through both technical and tonal process with constant comparison with the 3 original SupaFuzz from my vintage collection
Quality hammerite steel enclosure with vintage metal knobs.

Sounds better and much more silent than my best vintage original. Video/Audio available soon