Vintage Vault
my '66  S T R A T






 I was in a small french town, buying an HIWATT combo.I look around the shop for another interesting thing and my eye catched the poor thing below.
Knew it was an original '66 just by the vibrations from the place where that guitar hanged.I have heard that it is not uncommon for expert to feel a work of art for knowing if it is real or a forgery.I believe that is true now.

Bad shape isn't it?It took us time,
my friend luthier Roger Buro and me, to find original parts.
It was Lake placid blue at start but some stupid during the '70 natural craze sanded it badly and completly, except for the pockets.
Roger had the original DUCCO paint and could do a wonderful job as you can see on this pic with my JTM45. Honest, these two go together real well, producing one of the best crunch tone I ever heard. This exact tone was the inspiration for my
OVERTUBE  pedal.
What else ?


This is my favorite guitar even if I have some other strats including a '65 olympic white, maybe because I saved her from oblivion...she is very very light due to perfect wood and numerous sanding (the vibrato block even popps outside), the neck is 100% straight with original frets in good shape,and she has the sound.