Ibanez 1st series soundtank
metal box 5

This is a little known fact, but first soundtank series was housed in a metal box, and not the cheap plastic bug we all know. Strange enough, there were only distortion pedals. It is quite interesting to see that Ibanez engineers were very manly at this time, proposing 6 distortions and nothing else to fellow muscular guitarist.

Here is my personnal collection of these GREAT pedals. They all sound very good, and are electronically very well made, exactly like the 9 series. Their casing, heavy and cold in your hand, is a real beauty, showing us that material is an important part of design. To recognize them apart from the steel case, please note the lettering, very classic and uniform for every pedal. All this will be changed in the next years of production. The 60's FUZZ pictured here, was part of classic grunge band MUDHONEY live rig, and was then housed in the nifty hammered green hammond box. One of the few "famous owned" pedal of my collection.

From the next batch, only one pedal ---if you except the ts5-- will retain our attention. It's the incredible CYBERDRIVE. Despite its stupid moniker, this pedal is an uncanny sleeper. Buy any one you can find. They are cheap as dusty NOS in any music store across the planet. This pedal really is 'money for nothing'-in-a-box, stuck wha and boutique amp cranked up, in a $20 box. Beat that.