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MARSHALL 200w model 1967 year 1967 : The PIG

and others 200w major*


This amp is special for more than one reason:

1- It is the first 200W Marshall ever.And after 1974, there was no guitar 200w amp anymore. This model , with its two active control and 2 inputs was the first design.

2- It was manufactured only in 1967 and its model number is 1967: for once, no mistake on vintage and model can be made.

3- It got its moniker from one of my favorite guitarist ever, Mick Ronson. This legendary musician called it " the pig " and this name stayed in history of tube amps. For a real trip and pig tone demo , listen to " Cracked actor" in Bowie's Aladdin sane. This is electric guitar at its best ever.

4- This was the only Marshall to use Partridge transformers, you usually can find in Hiwatt amps

5- It features an unique cabinet, much bigger and most of all deeper than any other Marshall amp while its chassis is the transition modern shape/aluminium, and chassis are somehow important tonewise.
The seller of this amp sweared that the knobs on my example are original, and similar to the ugly
PA knobs of the same vintage.

Needless to say I have fantasize on this amp in books at first sight. And to see it is now part of my collection......

Just look at this thrilling amp ! It evokes quiet unlimited power and pure tech beauty . I am now retubing it, and will get back here for a sound review, as soon as it is back in its original lion's shape.(The original tube were English Gold Lion G.E.C. KT88 valve from the MO valve company, maybe one of the best and more powerful pentode ever)

But what I like the best, aesthetically wise, are these splendid logos. England is for me the country of logo: every tiny firm has a beautiful logo in England, and when it comes to inventing a new lettering , it is always a symphony of taste. Another of my favorite lettering is the Mac Goohan Prisoner TV show (telly in England , sorry). Anyway, this Marshall logos are the prettiest ever ...as in "Prettiest star" another Aladdin sane's Mick great track!

This sort of Marshall lettering is usually referred as " block logo " in opposition to the rounded famous Marshall logo still in duty today. I see it more like a reminiscence of the radio days '30s. Let's face it: if Hercule Poirot was an electric guitarist, he will use a block logo pig like this one , hooked on a 2 giant 1979 4x15 stack, what else?
Here is a glance of Mick Ronson own pig....:

Other Marshall Majors :

Here is an interesting later major PA, which still has two of its 4 original English KT88 . The strange derviation circuit on the left seems original too, while its use is quite obscure to me. Maybe this was made to electrocute intruder bugs or worse, apprentice techs.

This big boy--same box size as the pig but heavier . Now I know why those hard rockers from the '70s grew their hair for, strengh, like Samson-- has a green indicator light, forcasting it has to match your Ibanez overdrive. How considerate.