Now I have my own JACQUES STOMPBOX celluloid mother-of-pearl pick.
Those are the real thing, like the one we had in the '70s, smell included.
I missed them so much I had to do something.

Genuine celluloid picks have disappeared from the music scene just after "The towering inferno" movie.
Steve Mc Queen, improbably dressed as a city fireman, warned, in the beginning of the movie, about the dangers of celluloid. Not only they are highly inflammable, but when they burn their fume goes to your brain.
Heck, in the '70s , that sounded like something fun to do.

Nevertheless, those celluloid picks had the best feeling ever, and when I could not find them anymore, believe me or not, I started finger picking. But these sad times are over, thanks to the majestic mount Fuji.

 Some Japanese purists (or weirdoes, depends of your point of view), drove by the same feeling, decided that celluloid must remain the best link between man and steel.They started their own old fashion pick factory near the mount Fuji, so they can blame the volcano whenever leaking fumes. I sure go well together this kind of guys, so I ask them to put my name on their mother-of-pearl wonders.

Detail of a post at the Fuji Yama pick factory saying, in classic Japanese:
"Don't even think of smoking here, you moron".

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