park amps are as rare in France as talented rappers. As a matter of fact, mine is the only one I saw in all my amp collector life. But this particular amp is a wonder.

First, it is in near mint condition, including its original grey leatherette covers and original el34 tubes. Its mileage seems ridiculous, as this amp was purchased for home use. Home use!!! Heck, as this amp has not been powered for a long time (the original owner had lost the '60s English AC plug), we were very cautious to set all control nearly to zero before plugging in, and even like this, the shop attendant who was innocently sitting before the cabinets nearly lost one ear in the process.

And definitely , yes, park amps have more gain than Marshall equivalent! This is not a legend. It seems they sort of use one side of a 12ax7 for some cascading in the bottom left input. I immediately went and fetch my '76 les paul custom for instant "Jean genie" approach of what amp distortion from heaven can be. The upper left input sounded just like a 100w marshall of the same era but who on earth would care for anything else than this Ziggy distortion and I came back to the bottom input to indulge myself in power chords and riffs from Aladdin sane.

Aesthetically, this amp is a sweetness for the eyes. This blue canvas reminds me my first Swedish girlfriend- Anna , if you read this, contact me- and it goes so well with aluminium than they even compliments the amp with blue ridge aluminum knob that are pure beauty. Special mention to the back plate "the fugitive"lettering:

Hey , with this amp, the original bluesbreaker, the pig and all the rest, have I one of the greatest Marshall amps collection or what? As a conclusion, I suggest a transcendental meditation over those huge transformers that have certainly something to do with the sheer destructive power of this royal amp.