JEN the Abruzian wizard.
We are talking of the biggest pedal manufacturer before Roland samurais it.They made everything for everyone. Vox wha? Jen.Cry babies? Jen.Vox tone bender?Jen. I think the name JEN cames from Jenning, the VOX boss but I am not sure.They made pedals under their own name too.One thing for sure: every JEN is a GEM (which is another italian brand of wha and amps).
The best wha ever made where JEN manufactured wha.My opinion is that italian inductors were the best.You can find one in the Gary Hurst fuzz which is an uncommon feature in a fuzz design.
I went to Pescara once.The taxi driver remembered them and told me it is a computer outlet now.None of the 4 or 5 music stores of the city could recall them nor possessed a JEN pedal.But I found the EKO pedals below as a consolation.

Binson bins pump Pompei.
Best rock video ever in my opinion, Pink Floyd at Pompei featured both Fuzz Face and Binson Echorecs.Magnetic disk echo/reverb Binson echorec makes your sound travel throught space like no digital delay can.It is a space voyager for your chords.If you can not find the green/yellowish metal one, I know more recent models have been made.In last move, buy a Roland or Korg tape echo.The WEM copycat is flimsy, I do not recommend it.Dynacord made a good one I own, but I would rather go for the analog delay rack pictured in the japanese page.
The Binson's secret?It is a magnetic disk so you can put heads all around to obtain sounds no tape could give.It also features like 187 first quality ECC83 inside.It helps.

EKO the Trevi fountain of rock.
When I was young everything was EKO.In France, Fenders were unaffordable, Gibson mythic as the unicorn and japanese were in their horrendous infancy.All that was left both cheap and good was EKO.I remember a schoolmate who owned the Gibson-style 12 strings acoustic and was popular only for it.My first high school gig featured EKO organ and EKO strat style electric plugged into the organ:'The Devils' in all their gear splendour. They stayed in the business as long as possible, with fortitude.I own very nice EKO guitars but I was lucky to find these two stompboxes new-old-stock in an italian music shop.They are perfect but what the use of  praising these boxes you will never find?Just keep in mind that EKO gear is always inspiring like Anita Ekberg and Celentano in the said fountain.Auguri.

Magical Mistery Tech.
About 2000km parted these two pedals before I bring them together again.The phaser was in Paris and the fuzz in Rome.They both show the mention:
« Designed by Gary Hurst ».No idea who this man was, but I found his designs pretty daring and lush sounding.I had to discover later that Gary Hurst was the Colorsound tone bender designer.I would like to know his story from Swinging London to Dolce vita Roma.Any woman involved?


This very rare and beautiful box embellishes my already incredible collection of 2 pedals from the mysterious genius English tech. Like the two others it has been made in Italy and found in a forgotten northern French small town.

As you can see, it bears the same "globe" Electronic Sounds logo and perfect workmanship.