Julie Christie favourit stompboxes.
OK I just made this up.But I cannot help thinking of this dream lady when I evoke english stuff.On the picture you can see other English effects certainly sold on Carnaby's street in the swinging 60'.What a glorious time.I was in England in 1977 and everything was over.Too late.I went in a music store and they sold me a big muff.I realize now the fool I was.

Brett Sinclair's cousin rig.
Remember how he gets electrocuted while riffing on a semi-hollow?
Well I think germanium fuzz pedals were used by appointment of her majesty for what other fuzz can kill you right away?Come on.Be a man.Burn your zoom and valvestate.Buy a germanium english fuzz and a stack…..at your own risk!!!

Mrs Peel v/s Tara King.
Other germanium English are nearly as good.The Marshall supafuzz slaughters, the small colorsound tonebender aka carlsbro fuzz aka park fuzz stabs and the rare jennings poisons your tea.The big colorsound are suspected to be silicon.Anyway it is english silicon.
These pedals are ten times more valuable than any Tube Screamer, even their tags do not reflect it.I warned you:Germanium English ladies are the most collectable stompboxes.Period.
Besides I love the 'civil servant desk' crinkle grey they have in common and I think it is more rock'n'roll than barf flash colours.

The face innards.
Sweet and simple isn't it?But without the true AC128 or NKT275 you will go nowhere.You can use BC177/178/179 A,B,C but you will have to call it the BUZZ FACE.
Observe the caps and resistors:they could resist 480v DC.Is it part of the secret? This will make the TS9 the size of a Marshall Major.
The first 1966 faces used AC128 and I think NKT275 was just a new denomination with the same transistor as they look like identical twins and sound the same.
I have engineered a new pedal using NOS ac128 which replicates a fuzz face plugged into a plexi Marshall. It is called "THE MERCER BOX".
Go to the Mercer Box page.

The fuzz face value.
The most famous lady of all.Must be this black man virtuoso nobody can touch.I have one and it really works feeding a super lead 100w non-plexy.With a plexy most of the time you do not need nothing.NKT275 are vital.And do not be cheated:the new ones are not real NKT275.They just bear their names.
The sound of a guenine fuzz face is just perfect:the right amount of good and bad.Just like in Captain Kirk.No existing new pedal can give you that sound.It is the serial A/B killer.
Do not forget to warm her up like a tube amp: germanium women will not give you their bodies unless you are a gentleman.
Avoid putting her on a cold ground.Wood stages are perfect.