Trend bends , fad tapping and snob rock.
Over the years, Ibanez TS9 and TS808 overdrive pedals has become the stars of vintage stompboxes.Every electric guitar performer seems to have one and swear on it only.
So what did you do?
Search for one as if your future rockstar life depends on it.
You have made their price go through the ceiling but worse, when you came back home, your sound still sucks.
You want to know why or do you prefer to go on pretending  that the pedal has change your sexual life?
OK I tell you: It is because the guitar hero who gave you this advice has behind him a huge tube amp fully maxed.
When you will grow up you realize that change everything.
For the moment, sell the pricey green and buy you a boss MT2.
But if you still want a TS9, go and see my TS9 page.
It is full of detail, pics and all this stuff.   GO!!!

Better than best:   The ST9 , super tube screamer 9.
I had a super tube 10 before that one and considering that Ibanez just issued the TS9DX, thought that it was the first one of its kind: sort of link between light overdrive and diet distortion.So imagine my surprise when I found this rarity.Nowhere in books or on the net, it must be rare.
Sound?Super TS9 says it all.
Well I suppose pro rock guitarist will love it on stage or full volume recording.
I will humbly go for the SD9, easier to use at low volume.
Or the MT2 again.Or a 'made in japan' DS1.

The TS808 mispaha.
Well allright.Even at low volume the TS808 can sound good.
But 1980' tests always give the OD850 the winner award.
Figure it was before SRV and  all that fuss about Tube Screamer.
For the rest, every one of these pedals sounds great.
Special oscar for the analog delay AD80, with its 2x9v batteries.
The later one in the 9 series has only one and stand in the shadow of its ancestre.

The odd OD9
Odd, people from around the world keep asking me about the OD9 as the equivalent among boxes of the Modern.I found mine well before I could grab a TS9 or worse, a TS808.
Maybe they all shipped them in the south of France for a very obscure reason.(what about a perfect match with Ampeg amps? Marseille was the location of European importation of Ampegs).I have used that pedal in many gigs like DS1 for rythm and OD9 for leads feeding a harsh but powerful JCM800 50w combo, but I still do not know if the special attention I got during solos was admiration or  sorely wounded ears.

Where is my slip?
The box of the phase tone resembles so much a box of 70'men underwear it is scarry.
But I cannot judge the phase itself as it has been broken for years.
Maybe uncareful washing.