J AC Q U E S  New Sleep Talker  

After some 2 years of existence and feedbacks from pro users, The Sleep Talker, while allowing the same tone than before, adds another function to its original features. This new function, named (NIGHT)MARE, is a very exciting compression in the distortion/overdrive tone. Unlike usual compression, the NIGHTMARE knob squashes your tone just like an orange to extract the last drop of juice. This tone really stands out all existing compressed distortion  and reacts  like no other would do. As the former Sleep Talker overdrive tone is obtained by flattening NIGHTMARE on 0, you gradually squash your tone by rising the NIGHTMARE ratio, but , if you want to come back to the original tone, the pedal takes its time to calm down from the shock of this completely new tone.

While new and original, the NIGHTMARE tone is 100% usable, and performs a golden sustain. Now, look for that old nightlite from your childhood, as The NEW Sleep Talker may alter your nights.
The former GAIN knob gets a new name in the process, to go with its new frightening mate: it is now called the DREAM knob.
Mixing these two ingredient will determine on which side of slumberland you guitar play is on

The Sleep Talker is my vision of what an overdrive/distortion pedal should be. Do not expect another ts808/ts9 clone. This pedal is made to give the asking guitarist an essential live crunch tone, usually absent from any multi-effect/modelizer/distortion devices


"Crunch" is the tone you obtain on a real tube amp just before it breaks into distortion. It is not clean tone anymore but it still has a clear attack that will not qualify it as distortion. On vintage Marshall amps, this tone is surely obtained by maxing the amp and lowering the guitar pick-up volume. On tweed Fender amps, lucky owners usually know the exact position of every knob to tune in this wonderful tone. The use of vintage Fender treble pick-ups ( think ZZtop esquires ) is recommended.


I try everything. And my conclusion is always the same. While these modern tools are great for clean sounds or metal sounds, not one can produce a convincing crunch tone. Maybe some will disagree, but most of pro guitar players I know consider this statement as a given fact.


This where my pedal pops in: having a real crunch tone in a simple stompbox, usable with every amp or table top model box. I have A/B my famous JTM45 with The Sleep Talker feeding a no-name Japanese transistor amp in front of most demanding French guitarist and collectors. While most of them were pale of envy in front of this glorious amp, they all wanted to go away with the talker "to try it at home"!


Two demos are now available:
1- My new song "RAIN D." which features a power trio including one guitar playing through nothing else but the Sleep Talker. Go to "Rain D."

  2- The step-by-step demo to hear the Talker alone. Please proceed to the mp3 demo page.

Thanks to all Jacques Stompboxes users in the world for their support !!! .