New improved casing for
Handmade JACQUES stompboxes

Thanks to numerous sales, I have been able to commission a my own improved casing for my handmade boxes
TO MY EXACT SPECS. The old boxes were drilled out of computer printer sharing boxes. I chose them because of their
very good shielding abilities, as well for a different look.

I never wanted to use the HAMMOND type box like every one else and his sister in the boutique effect pedal market :
I have found interferences happen more often with ALUMINIUM alloy enclosures than with STEEL enclosures.
This is quite logical, as IRON is the only magnetic metal and therefore the material a FARADAY cage should be made of.
HAMMOND boxes are made of ALUMINIUM alloy---as well as the usual WHA vox/crybaby enclosures---, and I really don't know how much IRON goes inside, but a sure bet is ridiculously less than in ANY STEEL. ( try with a magnet! )

The efficiency of the enclosure as a FARADAY CAGE is also to be taken in the multiple chaos parameters
that make the tone of a distortion stompbox.

This exciting new box has the SAME EXACT SHIELDING DATA than the old one, but are realised by a
state-of-the-art steel factory, usually working only for BLACK & DECKER pro drillers utility boxes.
If their boxes could stand the abuse of holding a heavy duty drillers, they are good for me !

They are made out of top notch heavy steel , beautilfully industry painted in glossy beige and red,
my signature colors for handmade.