If I had a penny everytime somebody asks me : " hey, Jacques, why don't you have a link page, like any other website around the world ?" or " Jacques ,what about a real juicy link page ?" or "Jacques, why do you put som much garlic in your fettucine ? " , I may have put aside like 50 rubles !!!
So here it is, my fave links, full of useful sciences tricks and heavily breasted women with fake glasses , enough to perfect your electric guitarist education.
And don't be puzzled: even links that seem far-fetched connected with electric guitar may appear of some interest whenever travelling to foreign countries where electricity is working on odd days only or when dating a Albanese woman.

So no more talk , here they are:

BABELFISH : An automatic translator with goofy results. Try "My wife likes grindle cakes" in Hungarian.

JACKY TOUCH : The ugliest cars in France. Make sure you had a light meal before connecting.

ORIGINAL WOODSTOCK TICKETS : experiment being 34 years late for $199.95...ouch..

FRENCH STOCK EXCHANGE : How much is the camembert today ?

MUSHROOMS OF FRANCE : my favorite. you will never be the same after surfing this site. a must see.

ITALIAN YELLOW PAGES : very useful when you are visiting Spain.

SWISS HORSE RIDING : FAQ about riding a horse in Switzerland.

COMPOSED INTEREST CALCULATOR : To operate on a lazy rainy Sunday afternoon. Lots of fun.

MOSCOW NUKES AND BEERS : Russian nuclear-techs-on-beer website. To feel unsecured. ( the website don't work anymore. maybe some radiation on the server )

GUERNESEY HOTEL DIRECTORY : Book early for the annual all-you-can-drink milk festival--November 17th

ELECTRIC SAW FOR POLYSTYRENE : do-it-yourself ever popular device. You will be able to shape fake polystyrene guitars, amps and girlfriends.

THE PLAZA HOTEL WEBSITE : Not as expensive as you imagined !!!

THE FLOSS CLUB : Very exclusive Italian club for pro flossers--unwaxed, waxed or mint. Floss at least 5 times a day, fill the application form and...cross your fingers.

FOOTCARE FOR GUITARISTS : Yes, guitarists have feet too ! My sidekick Sheldon "foot hoot" Nadal even claims he cured a bunion on Robert Johnson's left foot and therefore, nearly gave birth to modern blues. However, the confirmation by Robert Johnson family estate, of this little known blues history fact , is slow to come.

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