First I would like to point out that , while the organ was my first instrument (cf. jacques biography) , my new craze about vintage combo organs is really because of one wonderful website www.combo-organ.com, you should visit at once. Of course, my eko cantorum 44 is not a combo, but my first idea was to buy a combo. Afterwards, I supposed having 2 keyboards, bass pedals, drum machine and built-in amp could only be better. I only forgot I had to transport it !

This nice litlle fellow should have been more convenient. And it is self-powered. What is funny about this organs, is that the drawbars are fake: there are really on/off switches in a disguise. However, as in any eko product, workmanship is good and this boy is still in great working order after all these years.

Here is a nice inside view to show that these recanati guys were serious workers.

After the eko cantorum transport problems, I decided to buy this other Italian wonder, the all-in-one crumar multiman. Where could you find in one portable keyboard a string ensemble, an electric piano, a brass synth and a bass ? Well, for years, this was enough for me. One of my best band was Augusto on tama drums and me on multiman and vocals.

Years after, I bought this crumar organizer b for so cheap it's painful. Once again , a great Italian hammond imitator.

Some of my everyday keys. The roland VK1 is one of my favourite hammond impersonator and I use it for recording through my SPIN ACHER for a total mindblowing leslie hammond tone. I love the rhodes of course, while mine has a transistor amp. and you already know the SH09 string keyboard on the top for its chorus applications.

I bought this roland electric piano mainly for its arpegiator functions, which are out of this world, while its tone are not bad at all. EP09, again from the 09 series.

and one third of my juno 60. try one of these before spending big bucks on a prophet .

Here is another serious hammond wanabe, the ELKA X50, including overdrive function. Great organ, and very seriously built too, elka being another great italian brand.

The Pescara jen factory not only made great wha pedals. This luscious string ensemble is a good example of their keyboard luthery. I also own an uncanny mono synth, here it is:

I know the picture is lousy, but with a little effort you can see its beautiful wood veneer sides and numerous slide pots, as well as its handy red buttons presets.

My third keyboard is no one else than the famous dx7. Honest, nothing could touch it. It's pictured here, bearing chords reminders stickers, with a good old yamaha string ensemble. String ensemble were my favourite at this time, so full of romantic dreams during slow songs they may be capable of seducing a pretty girl. Well, at least that what I thought.
Needless to say it never worked.

While I nearly sold all my mono synth, if you except the historic jen, I kept my ms20 for 2 reasons: first I understand how they work, and second , you can plug your guitar in, making them the most complicated stompbox ever. cheers.

My real piano : the yamaha U1 . It's made like a martin guitar : solid spruce harmony table . And benefits from top-notch made in japan mechanism. A great piano , made for pro.

But late at night, I can only play my hp147-e from Roland, which gives me 100% satisfaction soundwise. Only thing I regret is that the strings tone cannot be volume controled when mixed with piano tones. It's too loud for a nice orchestra background to enrich your songs.

No keyboard player can live without a true Rhodes piano. I owned several of them in the past , but I kept this last version because it's like new and has the suitcase extension , four mighty speakers and stereo trem. Hypnotizing tone.

And last, my everyday key, the great juno G . I love its guitar tones, not very real , but feeling like a new instrument crossbreed between a classical guitar and a harpsichord.