Well actually Britt only met James Bond in "The man with the golden gun". You know, in the early '70s , Swedish girls had a reputation: being both beautiful and easy going---well, that's what was said---. What else did we needed, us young lovesick rock guitar playing lads? And among all those blue eyed she-vickings, my favourite was Britt. I had the chance to obtain this precious autographed picture, and maybe now you understand why I sign all my emails with this historic "all the best". Funny enough, when I was in HEC university in Lausanne, Switzerland, a girl in my class found out that she went to school in Stockholm with Britt's younger brother. Close but no cigar.

It is hard, but this blue eyed goya guitar, really competes with Britt's stunning beauty. These sparkling goya guitars are now collectable items, and this one is quite unusual, bearing double cutaway and bat-wing shaped head. It is very light, and completely plastic coated, just like the Italian equivalents.

I was lucky to find this guitar in its original hard case, featuring original plastic bag for documents written with some joke in Swedish I don't get , fancy vinyl covering and peasant suitcase style handle.

Here is a close view of the control deck and bridge. While the 'solo' push-button make sense, 'acc' could mean accent, LH,L,H low-high, low, high, I wonder what O means....Obscure?
Notice the well-engineered Swedish steel trem bridge with its hagstrom mentions.

Anyway, the most distinctive feature of these guitar is , without any doubt, its manta/bat large head, reminiscent of some wandre models. Not only this head is a very talented design ( let us not forget that design is the second Swedish fame...OK, third if you count papperkakors ), but it really gives the string a correct angle. Holy mother-of-pearl tuners!

The rear view shows even better the uncanny shape of the head, and the overall immaculate white plastic coating. A very clever picks holder was fitted behind the head in order to avoid ruining the pick-guard mechanism by stuffing picks in it, because the pickguard screws are the only way to adjust pick-ups height. Amazing.

The other hagstrom of my collection is more classical, while featuring a very nicely shaped head too. The quality of both guitars is much higher than any other European manufacturers, so my last word is: buy! I had a nice semi-acoustic bass a la Guild , but I traded it for a '73 100w lead Marshall with laid down transformer. Get serious.

Beautiful logo! . Gud dog.Or mor du? Wild e coca-cola? and that is all for my Swedish, elskling !