Boutique is for Barbie dolls ...
Here comes the G.I.JOE amp!
It is no secret that most of my secret ingredients come from allied army surplus.
But this is different: imagine the best 6V6 push-pull amp ever made : these WWII US army morse emitters are nothing else.
I found a N.O.S. surplus stock of these jewels, easily convertible (thanks to Steven) in
Just imagine  a 1949 Fender deluxe ( well it was then called model 26 ) where some mad scientist ( ok, Steven, you're not weird ) would have transplanted an early VOXAC30 top-boost add-on, and you'll get the idea.
No military specs here because it is 100% military !!! I mean, look at this power transformer, military version.

Steven has now completed his work, and we are able to sell you the G.I.JOE amp. Only 9 are available, so I urge you to email as soon as you can to grab one.

We have recorded some audio samples to give you're an idea of the G.I.JOE unique tone.

These samples were recorded directly on the computer using nothing but a guitar, a cable and the G.I.JOE amp plugged into a ampeg 1x12 guitar cabinet from the '70s.

These are the power tube, a magnificent 6V6 push-pull, with of course, the original made in U.S.A. N.O.S. tubes. The output transformer was built around these EXACT tube specs.
However, the G.I.JOE accepts ANY 6L6 tubes duet
without re-biasing , for a tighter tone and maybe a little bit more power due to larger headroom.

Special treat yourself with colleague USA military 5881 tubes...

Or invite yourself to a Royal voyage with my incredible English United EL39, close brit cousin of the KT66
( 6L6 equivalent tubes not included but available ).

And here comes his majesty rectifier , the huge 5U4. No comments.

The octal double triode 6SN7 for pre-amp and driver use, as in the first Fender Deluxe. Old and obsolete, but reliable and easy to find. Its ubiquity in WWII US army electronics implies tons of stock anywhere in the world.

The output patch bay. These army men knew how battlefield conditions require flexibility. So, your choice of 4 output impedance to go with your favorite cabinet (special cable supplied with the amp ).--please note the unusual 12 ohm output, useful for 4 + 8 ohm arrangements.

A special speaker cable is provided .

We succeeded to design the circuit so that the GIJOE will have no negative feedback loop: its tone can really give its full raging tube natural tone. We strongly believe massive negative feedback destroys the real tube tone , at least for guitar use. So seize the opportunity to own maybe the only amp in the market which has preserved its original tube flavor.

Here is the GIJOE with round 'can' transformers. No, you cannot choose between square or round.
Steven says: "it's no boutique here."

By popular demand, here is a pic of the GIJOE bullet proof cover , that doubles as a handle.
Convenient for transportation, riots, loud gigs, throwing-plates-girlfriend, drunk drummer, jealous wife, or all at the same time.
As you can see, we used the ON/OFF switch hole for the jack input and transfer the ON/OFF function on the volume pot, in order to preserve the original WWII chassis.

Point to point ? The GIJOE innards makes a '65 deluxe blackface circuitry look like digital !




I am a really man guitarist. I need to play on a man amp. Put me on the list for a all tube 6V6 G.I.JOE amp from JACQUES STOMPBOXES


Thanks again Jacques





I rather go shopping the boutiques with my face lifted aunt..


WARNING: These amps will be sold as COLLECTION ITEMS.
No safety warranty will be given as their intended use is only cautious use at home as collectible WWII items.