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Like Thomas Edison genius , we perspired a lot to come up with the ultimate production version of what is about to create one of the biggest stir in a long time in the small world of effect pedals: Jacques Singing Geisha.
Please now enter in her vast musical world and let me be your guide to her numerous and incredible gifts.


The Singing Geisha is a combo effect featuring classic wha-wha , overdrive/distortion and the sing function which is a monophonic synth operated by the rocker pedal. These 3 effects can be used simultaneously or separately in any combination.
Intended as a pro tool from the start and certainly not a fad gadget, the Singing Geisha has seen each of her effects developed in the most serious way in order to be professionally usable alone or combined with the other , but offering in any case the same superior pro quality. You may buy it as a boutique wha or as a boutique distortion or as a musical instrument to complete your guitarist arsenal. And then change your priorities accordingly.


The secret to stupendous wha lies in its inductor. And good guitar-friendly inductor are like heaven Telecaster treble pick-up: they should just have the right amount of microphonic. Besides this, the circuit should take advantage of the chosen inductor and really be tuned to match its tonal data.
The wha part of the Geisha took us a lot of time, trial and listen, arguments, to finally give birth to one of the finest wha pedal available on the market.
Its adjustable Q pot, hidden under the rocker, allows the demanding guitarist to taylor his wha tone to perfection.
The use of opto-electronic pot, like in the old Morley oil-can wha, has been improved with a variable transparency Plexiglass shaft for its precise accuracy, and will insure a very long trouble-free noise-free life to the Singing Geisha.
Is there a woman who don't want her beauty to last forever ?

The name of the game. From my huge collection of pedals and vintage tube amps, from my current production of Handmade and Factory made distortions, I modestly believe that my ears are specialized in testing and judging this kind of guitar tone we all love. And I never test alone as a jury of veterans of yore and nowadays fine rock players never leaves my vicinity, always present whenever a young new fierce prototype is unleashed.
The distortion part of the Geisha was developed and tested alone, like if it was going to be used as the main and only distortion unit of a pro guitarist. And only when our breath was taken away by its paradise harmonics, we re-developed and tested it again in conjonction of the wha and sing function, constantly going back and forth to the different possibilities of the Geisha.
The distortion of the Geisha features a really new gain pot that allows morphing from overdrive to full distortion to make it a desert-island guitar pedal in itself.
And of course its volume is adjustable for an optimal and personal balance between effects.


The Singing function of the Geisha is a musical instrument per se.
This means that it is totally independent and that you don't even need a guitar to play it. The Singing Geisha is an analog monophonic synthesizer which notes are determined by the position of the rocker pedal. You reach the highest note when depressed and the lowest when in back position.
The frequencies range from 82,4Hz-(E) to 1319Hz-(e3), e3 being the highest possible note. We chose E ( mi in French) as extremes because this note naturally goes with standard guitar tuning, making jamming along with the Geisha a breeze.
But the upper range can be set , thanks to the sing range pot, from 329,6Hz-(e1) to 1319Hz-(e3) and any note between.
Micro tonal notes can also be hit as the analog nature of the geisha makes that there always is a note between 2 notes ---until the Planck length but this is another story---.
A short range makes it easy to play melodies as a long range will gives more portamento impressions , great to highlight a guitar solo.
The Singing function in itself will gives hours of musical fun, and, while serious training is needed to play simultaneously one melody on the Geisha and its counterpoint on the guitar, it is an easy player from day one, thanks to its ultra-precise opto-electronic mechanism.
Of course , the Singing volume is adjustable in order to mix it with your guitar to your taste.


You shall count to Seven -- 7 -- the number of the possible effect combinaations on the Geisha-- including of course single effects. You shall not count to 6, and 8, you shall not count.
This is the domain of tone exploration where creative guitarists will find their signature:
-classic wha-fuzz '70s style
-shread solo enlighted by portamento synth
-carefully tuned melody on the singer with wha or clean guitar chords
-mayhelm of sonic adventures with the 3 effects fully set
- and so on.

The Singing Geisha demo will be soon ready but in the meantime you can listen to the handmade Geisha to already get an idea of its further possibilities.

Thanks to you all that made this lifetime achievement possible.

Go to the audio demo of the SINGING GEISHA here