The pedal that started it all...
The Fuse Blower

The Fuse Blower is both the older and the best seller of my handmade pedals. Why? Simply because it lets you play complicated chords with full distortion tone. Always sweet even at high gain level , the Fuse Blower has the special BLOW mode which changes the whole circuitry into a different and more powerful pedal for striking solos or powerful boost.

The whole story began when I first heard 'Narcotic Prayer' in Chris Whitley's 'Din of ecstasy',
one of the best rock record ever.
Playing such beautiful and complicated chords with a very distorted sound like in this song ,
is for me a complete rock guitarist and composer utopia.
Chris is certainly one of the best rock musician in the world today, because his music show a complete understanding of tone and composition osmosis. A gifted , talented, not to say genius, composer MUST pay all attention to the overall sound of his work, and this is an even more drastic rule for guitar rock music. Chris can do this from a simple banjo (" Dirt floor") to rich, full of harmonics, lush distortion.
I met Chris during his "Rocket House" tour and thank him again for all this time he spent with me under a fire of questions! ( pic )

What is the guitarist ordinary choice?
OD pedals , preserving your chords like TS9, TS808 or OD1 but with small amount of distortion or
- real macho
distortion pedal like MT2 or Big Muff that mud your chord chemistry to the ground.

The gear Chris Whitley used is heavy gear ( see details here) and certainly hours of precise settings.
I wanted a simple stompbox for that best of both world. I start my research with a lot of experiment and fellow guitarists criticism (they were always ready to mock) and one day , I saw a look in their eyes which was very different: they played my pedal again, and again, and again. Their silence spoke a lot to me.
But I was the happier. I could play at last my songs with my favorite chords and that rebel distortion sound at full.

-Remains the name to be found. My pedal has a mode were you can achieve a very powerful boost with a small amount of distortion , exactly like on a maxed HIWATT amp. It was so loud that I said to myself : I am going to blow a fuse. These are the origins of the FUSE BLOWER.

You certainly know what happened then: I sold the first Fuse Blowers to pro guitarist , mostly friends in France and in the USA, who spread the good words, and one thing leading to another, I start selling these pedals all around the world.

I build the Fuse Blower with my own hands only. No one, except myself, ever touches the circuit , connections and lay out.
This a 100% one person work, completed by a full test . This , of course, takes me a lot of time:
this is why I introduced the
FUSE BLOWER 2 , offering the same philosophy, factory made.

Now , if you are interested in the Fuse Blower and want to go further, You can listen to a

A proud owner of the FUSE BLOWER made a great demo-song with extensive use of the box.
Listen to Franjo's 'Fuse Blower Waltz' HERE

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