The French Connection is a high-end distortion/fuzz based on my acclaimed Mercer Box featuring a 100% original vintage components circuit mostly from France or European origins.
1- 100% discrete circuitry point-to-point
2- Handmade using large circuit board avoiding parasite capacitor effects
3- High-end French SFT or SESCO transistors carefully controlled and paired
4-Selected and hand-measured vintage passive components, tropical fish capacitors whenever possible.
5-Completely new Young/Old body control

1- Transistors from France

I mainly refer to the wonderful page about History of French transistors. My own personnal stock comes from 2 famous factory brands SFT and SESCO . SFT transistors are already famous for being in the great Elka Dizzytone pedal. Here is a pic of my stock :

All these transistors are very good quality PNP germanium and are perfect for fuzz, once heavily tested under darstic conditions.
Each French Connection pedal will feature handwritten kind of transistors used inside.

2- The Old/Young control

As part of this new circuit, this control shapes the 'body' of the distortion. At 0 setting, the pedal will give a very fat low end fuzz with deep distortion, hendrix-like while full setting makes a much tighter disotrtion with long sustain. In between, it will gives less gain , with different king of vintage amp overdrive

3- The passive components

The French Connection is made with vintage tested passive components, such as carbon high quality resistors and tropical fish capacitors. Electrolytics are Philips brand, coming from a time when this company was leader in electronics.

Whenever possible, the use of unique vintage knobs will be favored, such as this great rectangle knob on this picture.




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Another French Connection pedal with SESCO 324 transistors.