Vintage Vault


You already know from my Italian Beauties page how much I am fond of vintage Eko gear. Unfortunately , vintage Eko electric guitars are quite rare now, and all the marvellous models from my teen age have vanished from the market place.

Here is the oldest one I own, featuring push buttons and gold finish. The logo was usually stick on the upper horn, but in this case, it has been removed by the French importer, a well-known brand of wind instruments, Dolnet, in the classic OEM way.

These '60s guitars are now very sought after for their unique vibe, construction and tone, which is really different from any existing electric guitar. Think about it when you want a rhythm sound to cut your dense mix.

This is my favourite. Somewhere between a Les Paul and a Florentine renaissance piece of furniture, this guitar deserves a high mark in the history of electric luthery. The pick-ups truly embellish the natural subtle chime of the chosen Italian maple top glued on a perfect exotic tone wood.

Here is another example, featuring the ever popular cherry finish, making clear this model was looking insistently in the Les Paul direction. And believe me, I know a lot of US Les Paul which are not able to compete with this Italian lady.

Here is my Eko amp, the viscount. This amp, as well as its brother from the same noble lineage, is very different from the rest of the Italian production of tube amps from this era. Everything in this product reminds VOX amps, up to the quality. Take a special look at the knobs that are so reminiscent of the solid state Vox amps. And watch this:

Just like an old ac30 super twin! (if you except the rectifier) .Needless to say, the tone screams Vox too and make this amp a true collection and studio goodie. Eko was definitely a top class musical instrument manufacturers. Here are some more Eko from my collection, a very nice bass which made duties in a french riviera disco , famous in my days , the VOOM-VOOM....