The ultimate truth on Chris Whitley "Din of Ecstasy" gear

Errare humanum est. I really thought this French mag interview was right. After talking with Chris during our meeting in Marseille, I must admit that, while the listed gear was in the recording studio, the actual rig that gave birth to the wonderful guitar tone of "Narcotic prayer" was different. Here is the article again, for archives.

Anyway , it is all in there , but not in good order. Chris used his '67 Gibson Melody Maker. Two pick-ups were retrofitted on this guitar, but Chris remembered using the original one, which was now in the middle position, a cheap single coil , stock on these models. Similar to this:

Then comes the scoop: Chris guitar was plugged through a 60 feet cable, to a Muscle Shoals resident box, some sort of homemade tube compressor with only 2 knobs. The weird box was in the cabin, plugged into an early Fender Tonemaster head, bearing the serial number 25 or something.

Then another 60 feet speaker cable was going from the Tone master to a Marshall 1960 recent cabinet, which was just in front of Chris and his guitar. In short, Chris and his Melody Maker in the miked studio room THEN a 60 feet going to the cabin INTO a Tone Master head INTO the magic compressor box THEN a 60 feet speaker cable BACK to a 1960 Marshall cab just in front of Chris. And nothing else.

Thanks again to Chris for sharing this information with me, and most of all for his incredible talent and modesty.

"no one nowhere"

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