Special edition 'Tourist' russian transistors mercer box : available upon special order at

1st step : choose your enclosure :

Classic : Beige top and red bottom classic steel enclosure of handmade Jacques pedals

Truck : Sliver padded Vynile covering top and bottom

Hammerite : Carefully painted top and bottom Hammerite dark or light grey for a vintage look.

Vegas : custom unique Vegas type design from heavy wallpaper ( each pedal unique )

Museum : genuine '50s print of famous paintings . These are not computer/printer made but original prints. ( each pedal unique )

Steampunk : from genuine early 20th century technical catalogs .These are not computer/printer made but original prints . ( each pedal unique )


2nd step : choose your circuit :

picture shown as an example

Fuseblower : Heavy creamy silicium based distortion with volume and gain control . The 'BLOW' switch bring the classic fuseblower tone to a very high power level. Battery powered . Two indicators leds and standard DC plug optionnal.

Mercer Box : High gain Germanium distortion carefully tuned , using selected and paired germanium transistors from the best makers. Volume and shape controls. Shape control rises gain on the treble or the bass side for a better adaptation to the guitar/amp couple. Battery powered and led indicator.
DC plug non available because of positive ground.

Shape Booster : Very high quality clean boost pedal with volume and shape controls. Shape control allows a choice of treble to bass boost in continuous action . This pedal is also very efficient to warm clinical digital effects when put after in the chain. Battery powered , led indicator and standard DC plug.

Shine-in : perfect re-creation of the Shin-ei fy-6 fuzz with selected components. Battery powered and led indicator . No DC as in the original pedal.

3rd step : order your pedal :

Hammerite fuseblower with optionnal leds

You can now order your choice on the Paypal scroll list . Each pedal shipped with certificate, user sheet and treasure box carton.
Shipment within 10 days after payment . Shipment with tracking number to Europe/USA is included. Technical lifetime warranty to first owner if unopened based on paid return to Jacques Pedals.:






Examples :

one-off 'Louis XIV' fuseblower. SOLD

classic Mercer Box germanium fuzz here in with its historic enclosure and controls

Or in its new hammerite enclosure and simplier fuzz/volume controls.

Museum Van Gogh Mercer Box

Steampunk La Faulx Mercer Box

Truck Mercer Box with special 'brown sugar' transistor tuning.

The VEGAS series, featuring unique Vegas design enclosure and best Germanium transistors.

But I also make one-off or very small series of special pedals such as :

The French Connection is basically a Mercer Box fuelled with SESCO French germanium transistors and where all passive components are vintage french or european selected jewels.


The Black Mamba which features PNP Valvo OC141 here in plain enclosure is available now in grey hammerite.


and a one-off special steampunk design IsGus booster :


The Vegas booster is a state-of-the-art clean booster : its 'shape' knob on the right hand gives neutral boost on noon , heavy low-end boost on 0 and non-piercing high-end boost maxed. A must-have.


A different kind is the Shine-In pedal , an exquisite re-creation of the famous companion fuzz , both fy-2 and fy-6 models , with selected components that gives this pedal an even better tone than the original :

So if you wouldl ike one of these devices, you can buy them with the paypal system
Shipping to USA/ Europe is included.
Email me at : for all questions.


This is the huge JACQUES-IN-A-BOX pedal, made for Italian wonder guitarist GD. It contains 3 of his fave JACQUES effects, half of the DD CUP, (silicium powered for compatibility reasons), a FUSE BLOWER and a SLEEP TALKER. Of course , switching all 3 on together create a sonic mayhem of squealing feedback. Great. SOLD

A custom version of the JACQUES-IN-A-BOX pedal, in vintage beige and lipstick logo . SOLD

This not exactly a custom order, but a commemorative MERCER BOX for Woodstock 34th anniversary built around same year (1969) N.O.S. UK VALVO OC76 germanium transistors.AVAILABLE
More detail on the WERCER here :

This is a cosmetic special order for the UK rock band REZIN 69 . Very becoming
FUSE BLOWER , isn't it? SOLD

The mean BADHUDD is a prototype of what will be the factory MERCER BOX 2, while the SILK and SAND knobs names are coming for another HANDMADE pedal to come, the sustain approved LAXIAN KEY.
I think this BADHUDD will remain a unique item, mostly because of its INK CLOUD artwork and its US army camouflage green knobs from WWII --not very visible but all 3 knobs are army green--. This particular pedal is for sale so don't miss an opportunity to own a arguable but loud work of art . I have done a special email for buying this pedal so I can spot my design admirers.SOLD

This pedal is an hommage to Carlos Santana tone. "Abraxas" was one of my first record, and "Europa" remains one of my fave guitar solo to play through a distortion pedal. For this occasion, my AQUAMARINE pedal is painted by my own hands to look like our beloved mediterranean sea. Its matching distortion tone reminds the roaring ocean, and its PEBBLES and SAND knobs allow you to dial in your personal tone tide.SOLD

This AMOUR overdrive is so lovely, that it may be part of my HANDMADE pedals line one day.
With its UN PEU, BEAUCOUP, PASSION and FOLIE function, it allows you to court the most beautiful girls in the world with almost ridiculous ease. Be ready to fight tentation, as its crunch tone lures experienced women like an unlimited open account at Bloomingdales'.
If you already have arguments with your wife about your pedalmania, this is certainly not going to please her.SOLD

Some sort of celibrity pedal we got here. Well, at least the box. This nifty metal G.P.U. desk green flake painted Hammond enclosure once belonged to famous grunge band MUDHONEY, and then housed an Ibanez '60s fuzz circuit.
I even have the playlist that goes with it. Really of piece of rock history--who could hum this song "SUCK" now ???
I have put one of my design circuit in it, some sort of raging overdrive, specially made for high output humbuckers that usually don't go with overdrive pedals. Very handy if you happen to play a modern Ibanez guitar and want to add a nice overdrive tone to your arsenal.AVAILABLE

Hands up !!! This is the G.I.JOE pedal ! Killer distortion, what else ?
I have bought some of these boxes to the army surplus, so I may be able to make like 10 like this box. If you need this kind of ammo, just ring me up, soldier.MAYBE ONE VAILABLE

"L is for the way you look at me.." would say the great Nat "King" Cole. This unique pink wonder was made as a special order for my buddy Paul Watson in Canada, talented guitarist of LUNA ROJA. Comes stock with a bodyguard specially trained for dribbling groupies.SOLD

Bound to flatter a talented guitarist ego tripping on psychedelic colors, this other pink wonder is the uncanny EGOTIQUE.
Half FUSEBLOWER and half SLEEP TALKER in a compact Hammond enclosure, featuring DC outlet and all that jazz.
Hurry up, this pedal is for sale and there is only one! SOLD

The effect loop wonder : made to boost your guitar preamp before getting back to your amp, simply insert this pedal in your best amp effect loop and step on it ! SOLD

This a special request: An AQUAMARINE Wercer Box !!! SOLD

Another very special request: An AQUAMARINE pedal in a small HAMMOND box with matching led indicator.
Don't ask : I won't make another one! SOLD

This is not exactly a pedal but really a small amp, made for blues overdrive only. Very reminiscent of old tweed Champ amps when plugged directly on any speaker from 4 to 16 ohms ,
The BLUESETTE gives also its full dimension as a HUGE booster into a bigger amp.
Expect BIG bottom from this blackface wonder.SOLD


Q: Can I order one of these pedals ?
: Yes you can. Price on demand through my e-mail

Q: Can I order my own custom JACQUES pedal ?
A: Another Yes. But it really depends of what you have in mind. so please email me your idea and we'll see together if it is feasible.

Q: How much are these custom pedals ?
: They are not cheap as they are more time consuming than my usual suspects. Price on request by email