AShort history of the best chorus pedals
 introducing the Gold Meistersinger


      The chorus effect, while born on studio tape recorders, has always been one of my favorite electronic device since I bought my 1st chorus pedal , which was a nice boss ce3 . At this time, we used chorus everywhere : guitar of course but also voice, bass, keyboards and all that came to hand. But who was 1st to make this pro effect available to us , working musicians ?

I think it was Shin-ei who predates everyone in this field, while I could be wrong. With the univibe or with this great Resly machine of mine, they sure came close to this rich tone. But anyway, they did not use the word 'chorus' , which belongs to boss/roland, with their jazz chorus amps and the famous ce1, which still is one of the most coveted effect pedal.


Electro-Harmonix joined the wagon somewhere, and this deluxe clone theory has always been one of my fave , as I have never been a big fan of the famous TC Electronics, which lacked too much bass for me.

What is the common pont between these pedals : they are no digital sampling , they all are true analog devices, using bucket brigade delay chips to recreate this lush effect the same way it was invented on tape recorders. And this is of course the same with my acclaimed Meistersinger.

2015 has seen 15 years of Jacques Pedals, and to commemorate this anniversary , I have issued 15 ( and not one more ) gold colored Meistsersinger chorus. This is a very limited edition of one of my best selling pedal , which has great reviews everywhere in the world and it part of numerous pro and famous guitarists rigs .


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