This is the most precious part of my BOSS collection including superstars such as the SLOW GEAR, SPECTRUM and FA-1.

The case of the FA-1 fet preamp is quite peculiar : its ever increasing value comes from U2 The Edge pedalboard. Or is it really ? Well , its made of 2 Hitachi HA hybrid FET components which are quite different from the usual discrete FET, such as in the DOD. Those rare hybrids give the FA-1 a quite unique clarity that cut the mix in a very becoming way.

Rarer seen or evoked, FA-1 companion mascot amp MA-1 is nevertheless a great idea...not too far from my BLUESETTE amp/booster

The SPECTRUM is supposed to do the same mix cut, with parametric controls, and thus can be considered its sibling.

The SLOW GEAR violin-impersonator is one of my fave BOSS pedal ever because of its very elegant attire and STAR GATE reference .

Notice the free belt buckle which is a real class act from BOSS...No other music instrument company ever gave such a beautiful gift to us, music shop haunters...

About the DM-1 , the BOSS book says that it used a CCD element to perform delay better..mine has a very classic BBD chip...I wonder if that CCD story has some reality...Your comments welcome..

Flying in a pink dream...One of my fave pedal pic ever....And some very nice pedals including the very rare DIGITAL SPACE-D.
The DIMENSION C is one of the mbest chorus pedal ever made by BOSS, and certainly an oddball with its 4 push buttons.
An inspiration for my MEISTERSINGER chorus pedal.
Among famous DimC users, please note the great El Becko.

Here is some more : a mint GE-10 equalizer from the early days and , part of my famous Canadian multi-effector from mad scientist, three wonderful metal-screw , including a very nice and quite rare metal-screw, carved serial number, early DS-1.
I love searching for apparently common pedals ---there are miliions of DS-1 in the world !!!--- but rare in a wee detail only known to collectors....this is sport.

More of the same: An early mixette KM-04 which was SO useful in those days when the band could not afford more than one amp, sporting its 22db max.boost, a nice NF-1 with its box and a cute DM-2 analog delay. What was great with the DM-2 is that you just had to adjust it at maximum delay time to be right on the right echo for pseudo-fast soloing technique. Some sort of prehistoric preset. Then 2 nice early digital wonders, the DD-2 with its huge electronic board stuffed into a compact pedal and a Japan DSD-3 ancestor looper.
On the left, please notice the REVO 30 leslie sim, which , like all chorus-based leslie sim, is not very convincing. Furthermore, you had to plug it your amp speaker output for max efficiency. However you can keep it for its Hammond-like veneer and funny switches.


Both manufactured in Japan, these two OD-2 realy look the same , but watch better :
- the writing on the newer one is bolder
- the yellow color on the beaten one is paler
- weird: the upper lid of the beaten one was born BF-2 , painted in BF-2 standard purple, and then they changed their minds and respray it OD-2 pale yellow.