The Black Mamba

2014 version available

featuring the new Humbucker/Single coil adaptation pot.

30 years experience in guitar pedal making and the best transistor ever

The Wercer Box is already a custom Mercer Box with special transistors, here I have used the cream of the crop of my personal collection of vintage NOS transistors to make what I can easily call my masterpiece : The Black Mamba

I used here vintage NOS Valvo OC141 germanium transistors from the same batch , here 65dU, which are, unlike most germanium transistors , NPN. On the picture , you can also spot AC127 W-blue point , AC127 gold pins, Hitano electrolytics and Russian army caps used in the Mamba.

The change of polarity allowed me some modifications of the original circuit, which I can easily say, brings my design to its best ever.

Here is the inside of this fabulous transistor :

As usual, this pedal can only be powered by a 9v battery but I guarantee 1 year life at least for an alcaline battery. I have a customer who still use its 2 years or more duracell for live paid gigs. More ecologic than any wallwart. The following picture has been taken in June 2011 after a year of intensive use on stage by my friends of 'Big Trouble' band :



....and introducing its 'budget' sibling, the BLAC127 MAMBA

  A very similar pedal in tone, this time using the less rare AC127 germanium NPN transistor :

Paired 'blue point' AC127 transistors used in the BLAC127 MAMBA..

Also available in deluxe enclosure :


Prices, shipped worldwide : BLACK MAMBA 350euros , BLAC127 MAMBA 250euros.

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